Comicon 2008, Wild Cards etc.

July 25th, 2007

I’m off for Comicon 2008. After BayCon (smaller than usual) and Westercon (larger than last year, maybe, but if so, not by much), I expect this to be absolutely huge.

It’s also advance fanfare for the triumphant return of the Wild Cards series. The new volume, Inside Straight, will be out from Tor in 2008.Inside Straight cover Moreover, Tor will have a booth at Comicon, and those there can register for a special convention drawing. Tor will have half a dozen glossy 11 x 17 inch posters of the gorgeous Michael Komarck cover, autographed by George R.R. Martin and five other contributors (Melinda Snodgrass, John Jos. Miller, Daniel Abraham, Ian Tregillis, and Carrie Vaughn), and will be handing out the posters to the winners. Flyers and other information about the new triad will also be available at the Tor booth.

Carrie Vaughn will also be attending the con, and both of us will be answering questions about our characters (mine’s Rosa Loteria) and the stories (I’m not in Inside Straight, but the next volume, Busted Flush, is in the works, and beyond that, I can’t say much, since George has sworn us to secrecy about many crucial details, especially about Busted Flush because that will have details of the ending of Inside Straight, following as it does).

More exact news here:

There’s also a special new Wild Cards forum started at the Captain Comics message board, which will have assorted Wild Cards news and updates:

Anyway, with Comicon, I’ll try to do updates from the Con, but can promise nothing except to do a large wrap-up when I get back next week. So use this topic for discussion of what’s going on for those who are there and those who are curious about it all.

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  1. Alon 26 Jul 2007 at 12:44 am

    Yawn. Wildcards? I thought we put a stake through its heart and cut off its head years ago. I’d rather read fanfic, it is less derivative.

  2. Laurieon 26 Jul 2007 at 3:09 pm

    Oh, ComiCon! How I wish I was going. :(

    I have a request, if you find time, sir. I read that Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) may play Spock in JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek. The cast list was supposed to be announced at ComiCon. If you hear anything to that effect, please report! Pretty please, with sugar on top, even! 😉

    I think he’d be a darn good Spock, personally.

  3. Seaboe Emmon 27 Jul 2007 at 10:54 am

    Laurie, your wish has been granted:

    Spock has been cast


  4. Laurieon 27 Jul 2007 at 1:48 pm

    Squeal! A double-dose of Spock goodness! Ahhh, fangirl heaven.

    Excellent, thanks for the update!

  5. Kevin Andrew Murphyon 28 Jul 2007 at 12:41 am

    Well, have done the first two and a half days of Comicon. It’s packed beyond packed, with Saturday already presold long in advance.

    Today, there was a ridiculous line to get into Kevin Smith’s panel in the ginormous Hall H. There wasn’t room/time to get everyone in on time, so I missed the preview showing of Reaper which I very much wanted to see, but Smith said in front of God and everyone that the first version of the pilot was somewhere on bittorrent, meaning, nudge-nudge wink-wink, everyone who wants to see it can get it on bittorrent since it’s been leaked. I’ll likely do that when I get home.

    Anyway, that discussion was entertaining. Neil Gaiman’s discussion earlier in the day was likewise entertaining (if not quite so packed, but then again, Neil didn’t have huge numbers of cards distributed so people would know when the panel was).

    Had dinner with Margaret Organ-Kean and Bruce Durochet on Thursday and with Peter Coogan today. Saw the art show with Margaret afterwards (really nice to have a show docented by a friend who’s also a professional artist) and may drop into one of the panels for the Comics Arts Conference (which Pete organizes) tomorrow.

    Mostly, however, just did the floor, seeing what there was to be seen, making contacts and grabbing random swag. Feeling vaguely bad about missing the Eisners, but my friend Storm was beat and I was in need of some relaxing too.

    More details later.

  6. Kevin Andrew Murphyon 28 Jul 2007 at 11:41 pm

    Today, good swag on the dealer’s room floor, and good contacts. In addition to Tor, several other publishers have put in their first appearance as well, or are reprising last year’s debuts.

    Talked a good bit with Austin Grossman (author of Soon I Will Be Invincible) and showed him the way to the Industry Lounge (crowded) and the “Where do they get those marvelous toys?” mad scientist-themed author panel next door (well-attended with a book signing afterwards for Austin and the others). Same room as Carrie Vaughn was at on Thursday for the Urban Horror/Fantasy panel, with Mary Elizabeth Hart of Mysterious Galaxy doing her usual excellent job of moderating the panel and organizing the signing afterwards.

    Then went and spent some time on the dealer’s floor, then caught the Supernatural panel before going out to lunch with Nancy Holder and a bunch of other authors.

    The dealer’s room was actually less crowded than Saturdays of years previous, partially I think due to the firemarshall limiting tickets and partially due to the absolutely insane lines for all the panels except the author and academic tracks (which are well-attended but not ludicrous). Around 7:30, there were, I kid you not, lines for the overflow rooms for the masquerade. Yes, people standing in line to sit in a room and watch a masquerade taking place in another hall.

    I expect they’ll have the masquerade in the stadium next year.

    Off to X-Sanguine now, the goth ball that goes opposite the masquerade.

  7. Dark Iconon 29 Jul 2007 at 4:25 pm

    I actually liked loved Wild Cards. I never read the last few books in the series and I think they’re out of print now, but it was an awesome concept for what it was.

  8. Kevin Andrew Murphyon 29 Jul 2007 at 9:00 pm

    Have finished up the last day of Comicon.

    First, as a small note, either as a conscious plot (likely) or a miracle of apologies and fast printing (unlikely), the pilot for the new Kevin Smith series Reaper is viewable between yesterday and August 4th using Passcode 082507 at

    Cards with this info were distributed yesterday (when I missed them) and today (when I didn’t). Obviously they wanted them leaked to the internet, but I’ll let myself be manipulated if I think the show will be good despite the marketing hijinks.

    I also went and saw the Flash Gordon panel today. Unlike the Supernatural panel yesterday (which the literally screaming fangirl next to me did her best to ruin by hollering like Sadie Hawkins every time Jensen Ackles opened his mouth), the Flash Gordon panel had no waiting and non-embarrassing fans. Flash is being played by Eric Johnson, who we last saw as Whitney being blown up on Smallville. The show premiere on SciFi in a couple weeks. I asked if they’d be bringing in elements from the later serials, such as the clay people, and the producer said that this wouldn’t be done immediately but he’d already ordered cave sets to be built, at which point Eric Johnson did a double take, said, “I didn’t know that” then turned to me and said, “Ask more questions! I want to find out!”

    I then mentioned that if they followed the original plot, the curse on the clay people would be broken by Flash obtaining a couple cursed gemstones. I’m paraphrasing, mind you, but as with all things Comicon, the exact wording of the exchange will be appearing on YouTube.

    After I sat down after my question, someone came up to me and gave me a pair of Flash and Dale Arden promotional pins, which will be all the more entertaining because I’ve got a single pin with the original Flash and Dale on it.

    Speaking of pins, on the dealer’s room floor, the booth babes were going into overdrive trying to get rid of swag. The cheerleader at the Heroes booth handed me seven (count ’em) VOTE PETRELLI buttons, which are now of course rather outdated but still fun.

    Better swag was had at the Fables panel: I’d always been meaning to start the series, and it seemed that going to the panel would be the right way to do that. The room was packed to the seams, and Bill Willingham let on that last year they’d given everyone there a Fables collection, signed, but had got bogged down in signing. But this year they thought beforehand and made a one-page Comicon-only mini-comic which Bill and his artist both signed, and which they of course ran out of. They first asked couples to double up, and then asked those who didn’t get one to wear anI GOT SCREWED AT LAST YEAR’S FABLES PANEL T-shirt to the panel and they’d get something special. Bill also asked that this be done on the honor system, since if 150 people show up with that next year, he’ll know.

    Other swag: A pair of Emily the Strange shoelaces and the prize of the final Bantam drawing, an autographed publicity copy of Baltimore, or the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire by Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden.

    Also of course made and renewed contacts with editors, writers, publicists, book dealers and assorted folk in the trade. Got to see David Keck again and ended up roundabout introducing him to Nancy Holder.

    Finally, ended the show by buying a copy of the first Fables collection as part of Mile High Comics end-of-show sale.

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