Worldcon is Upon Us

August 23rd, 2006

This weekend is Worldcon down in Anaheim, and many of the Deepgenre authors are attending.  Things might seem slow around here, therefore, but do not despair — they’ll pick up again, hopefully with con reports, when everyone returns.

 I’m not in Anaheim, however, and will take care of the 13 Line critique page.  We’re having some “bounce back” again of emails submitting 13 Lines to that page.  You do NOT however have to resend.  The critique address is a splitter, basically, that sends emails both to my address and to Kevin’s.  He apparently has put his on hold while he’s at the con.  Mine is working as normal, however, and so I am receiving your submissions.  I’ll try to get them up quickly, thanks to being done for the moment with my current Mighty Tome.

Other than all that, have a good Labor Day holiday and remember, don’t drink and drive.  The world needs literate people, so don’t smear yourself along some highway somewhere.  Please.

 — Kit

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  1. Harry Connollyon 24 Aug 2006 at 12:55 pm

    You do NOT however have to resend.

    Ooops. Sorry.

    And thanks for your insightful comments. I appreciate it.

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