“Tales From Earthsea”

October 18th, 2006

 Here is an article about Ms. Le Guin  responses so far on the Goro Miyazaki animé of “Gedo Senki,” or “Tales From Earthsea,” based primarily on the third Earthsea novel, “The Furthest Shore.”

The article tells a tale of classical elements all to itself: artist-father, artist-son
relationship; artist’s relationship to the results of an interpretation of her creation in another format; different rights of ownership and release of the new work in different countries, and more.

“When American audiences will have the chance to judge Goro Miyazaki’s work for themselves is an open question. There is currently no plan to distribute “Gedo Senki” to theaters in the United States; the rights are tied up with a 2004 Sci-Fi Channel mini-series.”

Love, C.

2 Responses to ““Tales From Earthsea””

  1. Brian Maloneon 18 Oct 2006 at 11:20 am

    Hah! Sci-Fi Channel strikes again. Take that, Le Guin, for daring to pan our fabulorious mini-series!

  2. Lois Tiltonon 18 Oct 2006 at 5:55 pm

    It does seem that while she didn’t like this one, she dissed the other one more.

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